Friday, September 18, 2015

Horizons Week: Part 2

Well welcome back to our extended horizons week coverage. Today we step foot though the sliding doors let the AC hit our face and wander into the queue on are way to the future.

The queue itself was a big part of the story. Setting up the tone for what's to come. We venture into the Futureport a sort of airport into the future. We see and hear adds for three destinations that we will revisit at the end of our journey. Mesa Verde the oasis in the desert. Sea Castle the floating city. And Brava Centauri the space colony. On the overhead speakers we here the following.

Sea Castle, the newest and most exciting floating city in the Pacific, invites you and your family to come away with us to the sea. Convenient daily departures by seatrain and skylift.

Mesa Verde, the most advanced desert reclamation complex in the western hemisphere, invites you to explore its wide range of career possibilities. Mag-LEV express service to Mesa Verde leaves every thirty minutes.

Brava Centauri, newest of the exciting Centauri series of space stations, offers remarkably rewarding opportunities in earth support vocations. Come up to Brava. Space shuttles depart daily.

As we reach the load area we board side facing vehicles similar to the clams from the season but suspended from a track above. So now we are off on our journey. We hear a voice announce that "Horizons 1 is now departing. Our final destination today - the twenty-first century." Then we hear our two narrators for the first time, a male and female who we learn are husband and wife.

Over the next few moments we look back at the pasts vision of the future. From men being shot to the moon in a giant bullet. To the future of the 1950's where we would have robot butlers and cooks. The past then catches up with the present as we enter the large Omnimax  Theater room and see several clips of science and industry of today that uses the latest technology, as we here our host proclaim that "Tomorrow's horizons are here, today". 

Even Michael Jackson loved Horizons.

Join us next time as we explore the second half of this classic attraction and the following post where we will look at more interesting facts and figures and some great behind the scenes moments. 

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