Thursday, May 24, 2012

Electricians Closet: The Polynesian Resort

Electricians Closet topics will focus on some of the more beautiful lighting around the Disney parks. Both the artful and practical. Today we take a look at some of the thematic lighting of the Polynesian Resort. Above are a few examples of the resorts interior. Starting from the top left clockwise, The Great Ceremonial Hall's lobby has several beautiful water features, but not till night fall do they really show with some soft underwater lighting. Next we head up stairs to the Kona Cafe. Here we see several styles of lighting mixed to give enough light to be functional but also keep the mood soft and warm. Our last two photos take us downstairs to Captain Cooks. First one of several hallway lights, second the general seating area of the restaurant. Both featuring a native theme and soft ambient light.

Now outside for some fresh air. Two main themes on the beach tropical and nautical. This is visible threw the tiki touches and the nautical lanterns that line the beaches and the docks. Take a close look at the middle lantern, I spotted this awesome spider web and had to take a picture of it. Another great bonus to having tiki tourchs is the amount of kinetic energy or “life” it adds to a location. I'll go into my resort “Life” theory in future posts.

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