Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ye Old Sign Shop: Safari Wars

After the holiday weekend im still feeling lazy, so I pulled up a post from my first blog from way back in the day. It fits well with my sign shop topic idea so I hope you enjoy.

A long time ago in a African village far far away... Two rival safari company's competed for top billing as “the best safaris in all of East Africa. This is the underlying storyline Disney Imagineers inserted to the already bustling story driven village of Harambe. The first company should ring a bell, the Kilimanjaro Safaris. But there rival is a little less known, Cap'n Bobs Super Safaris. Kilimanjaro's slogan is “When it comes to safaris, we go wild!”,bob's is “trust us!” so you be the judge who to travel with.

So how do you find out about the mysterious Cap'n Bob's? Well start by taking time to walk the back alleys of the village and read the posters on the walls. Most look like they have been plastered on 20 years ago not just 9, this is thanks to the great thematic techniques of the Imagineers. So next time in Harambe take some time to read the local ad's you may find there is more then meet the eye.   

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