Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's Alive!

In a earlier post I made a reference to a resorts aliveness factor. So I decided it was time to explain this rating system I use so in future resort posts I can include its Aliveness score. A resort is alive when it has something special that makes it more then just a bunch of buildings to sleep in. I use six categories to base the rating on then from there come up with a overall score. Below are the six categories.

1. Immersive themeing

2.Activities for guests

3. Water features

4. Other natural features

5. Live Entertainment

6. Background Music

Immersive themeing is rated in how well the theme takes you way to another place. A good example would be the Wilderness Lodge and how it takes you away to the National Parks of the North West. Activities for guest are activities that the cast put on for guest on a regular basis. An example would be the pool side games at most resorts. Water features can be both man made or natural. Examples would be the Polynesian Resort has man made creeks and waterfalls and also great beach front views. Other natural features would include things like fire effects like tiki torches at the Poly, walking trails like at Fort Wilderness, or Caribbean Cay the lush jungle island in the middle of the Caribbean Resort. Two great examples of live entertainment would be Bob Jackson at Port Orleans Riverside and the Campfire Movies at Fort Wilderness but there are many more. And lastly background music (BGM). Most resorts have it but which ones use it well? you'll have to wait and see in future posts.

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