Friday, September 7, 2012

Plumber's Corner: Fountain of Nations

The fountain of Nations can be considered the center piece of Epcot second only to Spaceship Earth. One of the largest water features on Disney Property, She holds 108,000 gallons and pumps 30,000 gallons every minute. In fact if all of the 324 jets went off at the same time there would be 22,000 gallons of water in the air at once. At night the show enhances with over 1,000 lights powered with the help of 190,000 feet (35 miles) of electrical wiring. 

The fountain is just that a fountain untill every 15 minutes the area music goes down and the show music comes up. below is a list of the tracks played. 

Standing in motion - Yanni

Iron Will Main Theme - Joel McNeely

Flying Circus from the Rocketeer - James Horner

The Rescuers Down Under Main Theme - Bruce Broughton

Day One - John Tesh

Air Battle from Surprise in the Sky - Disney

Mickey's Show - Disney

Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand from the Millennium Celebration - Disney

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