Friday, August 7, 2015

1964 World's Fair Souvenir Map: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of this awesome World's Fair map series. Today we are going to look up close at the four areas that Walt had his hand in. Each has its own incredible backstory but those I'll save for a later post. ( have to keep you wanting more right?) 

First on the list was an attraction built for the Ford Motor Company called Ford Magic Skyways. Guest would actually board real ford cars and ride along a track through scenes depicting the history of transportation. From the caveman days to the future. This theme would later resurface at EPCOT Center in the World of Motion. 

Next for the State of Illinois Pavilion Walt built a attraction featuring a great leader from Illinois and one of his personal heroes, Abraham Lincoln. A amazing endeavor for it's time Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln featured the first Audio-Animatronic to stand up. This effect was so believable that many guest would leave the show convinced they had just seen a real person. The show later moved to Disneyland where it has seen a few changes and even took a few years off during the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. However it is currently up and running in its original format.

For the UNICEF Pavilion, Which was sponsored by Pepsi Cola,Walt and his team built It's A Small World. Yes that lovely boat ride with the children of the world singing everyone's favorite song, you have the World's Fair to thank, well the Fair and the Sherman Brothers who wrote the song. lol. The pavilion also featured the 120 ft moving sculpture The Tower of the Four Winds, which you can see on the map in the picture below.

And Lastly for General Electric Walt Built the Carousel of Progress. Then called Progress City, this pavilion was one of the most popular of the fair. So much so that for the 65 season of the fair a lager queue was constructed and a cover over it to protect the guest waiting in long lines from the elements as waits would exceed an hour on a regular basis. 

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