Thursday, August 13, 2015

Resort Report: Coronado Springs Resort

Last week we celebrated Coronado Springs 18th birthday and I promised a resort overview... well here it is. The Coronado Springs Resort was open on August 1st 1997. She has 1,921 Rooms, 220,000 square feet of conference space , and offers more activities than we can write about here.

The rooms are located in three themed areas. They are the Casitas, the Ranchos and the Cabanas. The Castitas are actually the largest of the three areas housing over 1,000 of the 1,921 rooms. They have very colorful courtyards to walk through and even some beautiful fountains and topiary. Next going clockwise we find the Ranchos. This is my favorite section. they are very rustic and the theming is top. It even has a dry river bed that runs through the area. And lastly are the Cabanas, these two story buildings have great views and a cool bungalow feel.

Food is also a reason to visit the Coronado. Two amazing sit down restaurants and several pool bars and lounges are all warm and inviting. Although you may run into a convention crowd in a few of the bars so hope for a slow convention crowd when you visit. The two restaurants are Maya Grill which offers Mexican and southwestern American Cuisine. And The Pepper Market, a combination sit down and food court dining experience. Guest visit several stands where they have their meals made for them and get a stamp on their meal card that they use to pay at the end.

And lastly we dive into the actives and boy do they have them. Firstly they have the Dig Site a large pool, playground, bar, arcade, and volleyball complex all in the shadow of a 5 story tall pyramid. And at the top of that pyramid starts a 123 ft water slide. Apart from the Dig Site pool there are three smaller pools one in each of the themed room areas. The Marina offers boat and bike rentals and even fishing excursions. there is so much more including a fitness center, a salon, movies under the stars and on and on.

In short this is one of the most beautiful of the Disney Resorts and one that though considered moderate would fit in with the big boys up in the deluxe level with no problem. The only thing holding her back besides the cheaper rate then a deluxe would be that her size does require a bus loop within the resort to get from the room areas to the lobby where the bus to the parks leave from. this is a common moderate resort offering also found in several other resorts such as Caribbean Beach. But you can still walk from one end to the other in less then 10 mins, and this Resort is so beautiful you may just want to do that. Maybe more then once.

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