Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dateline Disney: Star Wars Land

The tag line to this article should be " Complete Merger of my childhood" or "I can die happy now" or "Just take my money now". All three of those would work great cause this is kind of a big deal. This past weekend at D23 it was announced that both Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios would be getting the Largest park expansion in history Star Wars Land. Not many facts are out yet but we know that we are getting two brand new areas themed to new locations in the Star Wars Universe. We can look forward to drinking blue milk as there will be a cantina. We will get to ride in the Millennium Falcon all though how is still unclear, hopefully some new ride tech and not the crutch of video projection that they have relied on with two many new attractions. And we will meet all sorts of new creatures and old faces as we travel these new areas. I for one and very excited though a little worried to see what will be lost to this expansion. We know Thunder Ranch is going away which is sad i liked that little area but i understand the need. Will Indianan Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular be gone at Studios also it's been a rumor as long as Star Wars Land has been one over  a decade ago. Time will tell but you can bet I'll cover it here at Manifesting the Magic so stay tuned.

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