Monday, August 31, 2015

Dateline Disney: Toy Story Land

So we all know by now that Toy Story Land was announced at D23 last month for the Hollywood Studios. What we don't know are many facts about what when and where. So lets look at what we know so far. Lets start with What. We know that it will be themed to look like Andy's Backyard. We are getting two new attractions Slinky Dogs Roller Coaster and Alien Flying Saucers that as far as I can tell are a double set of tea cup rides. We are also getting a second track for Toy Story Midway Mania to try and get that wait time down below a 3 day wait. So that leads us to where. It's all taking place on the right hand side of the park with Midway Mania being on the lands far left hand side. So this means no more sound stages in the Studios. Also with Animation and the Back Lot closed and if the rumors are true Little Mermaid and One Mans Dream Closing this month we can Guess the Entrance would start right off the hub. And then we get to When. Well we don't know they didn't give us any idea. But if i had to guess it will go like this. both Star Wars and Toy Story will start construction around the same time. However Star Wars will begin with construction in back stage areas leaving the left hand side of the park untouched to guest till Toy Story is done as to not impact the park to bad. I would say from groundbreaking till open Toy Story should not take more then a year and a few months. Well that's all opinion we'll just have to wait and see.

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