Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Art's Archives: Experimental Prototype Vinyl of Tomorrow

In my Disney collection almost from the day i was born this LP has had hundreds if not thousands of plays over the years. It has even been transferred to cassette tape so I could hear it on my Sony Walkman. And more recently it has been made digital and now rest on my phone. But the original vinyl still gets plenty of play at home.

Side 1

Main Entrance Medley 

Golden Dream
from The American Adventure in the World Showcase

The Computer Song
from EPCOT Computer Central

Magic Journeys
from Journey into Imagination

Canada (You're A Lifetime Journey)
from Canada in the World Showcase

Side 2

Universe of Energy
from Universe of Energy

Listen To The Land
from The Land

One Little Spark
from Journey into Imagination

It's Fun To Be Free
from World of Motion

Makin' Memories
from Journey into Imagination

Kitchen Kabaret Medley
- Boogi Woogie Bakery Boy - Meat Ditties - Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit
from The Land

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