Sunday, July 12, 2015

Date Nite at Disneyland: supplemental content

In yesterdays post I had a picture collage of some old promotional material for Date Nite. Below are those pieces pieced out so you can have a better look. My favorite is the first one promoting the "Football Kick-off Rally". Sounds like that would have been fun. The comment below that tag says you could meet your team so I would assume the players may have gotten in free that night. Then to the right we see "School Songs and Yells". that would have been fun too. I would imagine if that was done nowadays that it would end in violence or a riot between two rival schools. Just kidding but it does seem like a great event.

Dancing on the Mark Twain Riverboat... Yes Please!

Quite the musical lineup.

 The days of good hours in the park. Midnight 
every summer night.1:00 a.m. Friday and 
Saturday. Take that Magic Hours.

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