Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gratulerer med dagen Maelstrom or Happy Birthday Maelstrom !

Maelstrom would be 27 today if it hadn't closed last September to make way for Frozen Ever After. So I thought it would be nice to reflect on this "high seas Norwegian adventure." Oh yeah and you may get wet!

Maelstrom opened July 5th 1988. Two months after the Norway pavilion had its soft opening. Guest would board their viking long ships and ascend up a hill greeted by the god Odin who would inform them that "they were not the first to pass this way nor shall they be the last." Then would follow a trip through Norwegian myth and history. It would climax with a trip down a  28ft waterfall into the North Sea. Then after exiting your ship you would mingle in a small Nordic fishing village till it was time to view the six minute film The Spirit of Norway.

Below are some photos from the creation of the attraction all the way to the current concept art for the new Frozen Attraction set to open early 2016. Enjoy this look back and keep an eye out for water falls.

Some of the concept art and construction photos from Maelstrom.

A few stock photos from the Disney Archive.
(That viking helmet took me an hour to make lol.)

A portion of the mural in the queue.

 One of two hidden mickeys in the mural. The second is on the
oil platform workers wrist watch.

The first piece of concept art to come out for Frozen Ever After.

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