Sunday, July 5, 2015

Disney Springs: A look to the future

 Disney Springs still has a bout a year or so before it is officially open but we are starting to see whats to come.The following pictures are from my latest trip to the Downtown area on the last few days of June. Several retailers have opened already. Sadly most of what to come are the same stores you'll find in your local high end mall. But there are a few unique gems and a few more on the way.

Walls still everywhere but this one near the parking garage 
really gets guest pumped for whats to come.

The Art of Shaving. Same products as
you'll find at the mall but a nice 
addition to the springs non the less

Jock Lindsey's Hanger Bar. If you love Indianan Jones you'll
 love this place when it open later this year.

The summer crowds navigating the Springs. Will this narrow 
walkway become a bottleneck? Only time will tell.

The Boathouse and the rest of the springs, springing up across
Village Lake.

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