Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rock n' Roller Coaster is old enough to drive!

Happy sweet sixteen to Rock n' Roller Coaster. opened on July 29th 1999 this thrilling indoor roller coaster takes guest on a ride in a limo threw the street of L.A. on the way to a performance by Areosmith. Wow that sounded corny huh? Well that's what it is a fun corny experience and there's nothing wrong with that. To celebrate I composed a list of facts that are fun i call them fun fact. Hope you enjoy them.

Fun Facts:
  • The attraction is 1 minute and 20 seconds long.
  • The launch at the beginning of the attraction take riders from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds
  • It has three inversions
  • Each train has 120 on board speakers playing the sweet sounds of Aerosmith as you ride.
  • Top speed is 57 mph
  • Ride has 5 trains each identified by its license plate, they are: 1QKLIMO, UGOBABE, BUHBYE, H8TRAFFIC, AND 2FAST4U.
  • There is a 6th limo it comes out when another needs to be refurbished. However it has no plate instead maintenance will swap the plate of the train coming off.
  • In the pre show on screen Joe Perry ask Chris to grab his black Les Paul. In the early years of the attraction they would position a Cast Member in that room just for that line. Then they would grab the guitar take it off stage and after the guest left would bring it back for the next show .
  • This attraction has many Hidden Mickeys one however is a physical effect. in the pre show on the ground a coil of cables makes this Hidden Mickey.

Took this photo with the lights on one day when the attraction 
went down and guest were evacuated. We were at the launch 
but instead of walking us back to the load area we got to walk
through the attraction and leave at the exit.

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