Monday, July 27, 2015

Electricians Closet: The Wilderness Lodge

Today on the third installment of Electricians Closet we head to the shores of Bay Lake to take a close look at some of the lighting of the Wilderness Lodge. One of the most highly detailed and themed resorts at Walt Disney World, The Lodge resembles the great lodges of the American National Parks. This includes the Old Faithful Inn, where most of  the exterior and lobby get its inspiration. The look will defiantly put you in a place where you wouldn't be shocked to spot a buffalo roaming near the pine trails. But its the lighting that really delivers the final punch to full immersion. 

Animal hide is a recurring theme it makes great lamp shades. Below we see some great examples. From top left going clockwise we have: A hard to spot Chandler in the Wilderness Mercantile shop just off the lobby. Next a floor lamp in a side room off the villa's entryway. One of many wall sconces along the halls of the main building, most have unique paintings on them. And lastly in the lower left we have famous Tepee Chandlers. The sad thing is this is also an example of what the folks at Disney like to call bad show. if you look close enough you'll see that the first tepee's top half is not illuminated... and that makes me sad.

The next example or set of examples of themed lighting I want to show off is the integration of stained glass. It gives almost the same look as hide or canvas but changes it up just enough to add some Art Deco nods of class. Below from left to right: Chandler in Villas hallway, below that a wall sconce in the main guest hallways. The middle we have the Marquee for Artist Point restaurant. And on the right top a lantern from the hall by Artist Point leading to Roaring Fork. Below that a sconce at the Old Faithful Club on the concierge floor.

This next photo shows two more examples of stained glass but here we see how they work to light the room and set the mood. On the left the main room of Artist Point. On the right the seating area in the Golden Spike Room at the Villas.

And lastly today we are going to look at the lighting of the night. All that external lighting that not only helps you see where your going but again sets the mood. This time it sets a mood of relaxation and calming. Taking the pool and courtyard areas from loud and sometimes crazy spaces to one of serenity and even romance.  Below from top left going clockwise: Path lights leading to the small pool, The front of the Lodge. The back of the lodge. Path Lighting on the trail that leads to Fort Wilderness Campground.

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